♋ Welcome into my world. My name is Akane. ♋

I've been for two weeks in Japan, and since then, my mind is filled with toughts of : When will I be able to go there again ?
It's a wonderful country with amazing people.

After I've done a cosplay of Miku, with my friends' help, I'm going to try again, but this time, it will be Ariel and I'll be all alone. It's too bad I can not do Jessica Rabbit, I do not have so much boobs...

My project of cosplay are : Merida, Nami, Cinderella, Aurora, Kai, and so many other... I hope I will stay young enough !

Hope my blog will give you satisfaction ~ ♥
Once upon a Time, in a far away land...
Moon Prisme Power... Make Up! | by ひな

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